Cafe Bars in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan

There is no better place for a late-night caffeine fix than cafe bars. These hip and casual dining establishments have been popping up all over New York and are becoming more popular with each passing day. Almost all of these establishments have only been open for two years or so, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a try. Here are three of my favorites:

Grey Dog

Located in the art deco Greyhound Bus Terminal, the Grey Dog is a fusion of a hip New York City restaurant and a casual, neighborhood cafe. The menu is elevated by using local seafood, produce, and meats for dishes with complex, layered flavors. The atmosphere is casual yet cool, and the 20-something servers never seem to age. The service is prompt and the prices are fair. In short, the Grey Dog is a perfect place for a date or an afternoon meeting.

Ace Hotel Stumptown

The Stumptown cafe bars are a staple at Ace Hotel locations. Founded in Portland, Oregon, Stumptown has grown to 10 locations nationwide. You can find a Stumptown cafe inside each of the four Ace Hotels. The Stumptown brand is now owned by Peet’s Coffee & Tea, which was eager to acquire a craft coffee company. The coffee shop features a full espresso bar, drip coffee, and brew-by-the-cup selections. You can also find a selection of cold brew coffee, as well as pastries from the hotel’s own restaurant.

Kobrick Coffee Co.

The Kobrick Coffee Company, Inc. is based in Jersey City, NJ. The company specializes in specialty coffee and serves a variety of beverages. The staff can make recommendations on food to go with your drink. The coffee is roasted fresh to perfection and the aroma of cinnamon is intoxicating. The company also sources Fair Trade and Direct Trade coffee. It is also certified organic and Rainforest Alliance-selected.

Kobrick Coffee in Meatpacking

The Meatpacking District is home to several cafes and coffee shops, and Kobrick Coffee Co. is one of them. Located in the heart of the district, Kobrick offers both a coffee and cocktail program. Their menu is a mixture of both, with drinks like a gin and tonic paired with cold brew coffee or a latte spiked with Jameson. It’s a cozy spot that dims at 8pm.

Kobrick Coffee in Chelsea

You can grab a cup of java and relax at Kobrick Coffee in Chelsea. With sliding menu boards and draught lines, the 650-square-foot space is both a bar and cafe. The only catch is that you cannot bring your laptop inside after 6 p.m. Despite this, the atmosphere at this cozy cafe is lively and inviting. The staff also doubles as waiters and bartenders.